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Michael Leach

Michael Leach

Michael Leach. Digital Marketing and Analytics Expert. Mike has over 10 years’ experience in dental marketing. Accredited by both Google and Facebook and managing a budget of just under £1 million of online pay per click spend each year. Mike’s relationship with our clients start with the initial planning and construction of their Lead Generation Website. Once created, Mike will then begin goal setting with our clients, developing marketing strategies to increase high profit procedures and ultimately grow the practice. Each month Mike conducts a series of conference calls with the practice owners to review performance, share ideas and suggest new ways in which to improve.

Making The Most From Your Free Google Services

Isn’t it about time you focussed some time on Google Maps?

For many dental practices, and businesses for that matter, Google Maps is something that is setup on day 1 and forgotten about. I do not understand this logic. If you look at your Google Maps insights through Google MyBusiness you can see just how effective Maps can be.

Let us look at the benefits to begin with-

  • It’s free
  • It’s the main source of your online reviews
  • You can showcase your results through video and photo
  • You can promote offers and news updates using posts

And in addition to that its where people get directions to your business and often where they find a phone number. So, I think you will agree at this point that it has got value.

The other major bonus of a well-kept maps listing is your position in Google search results. We know that the paid PPC ads will be the top of the page, but more often than not, maps are just below the paid ads and more importantly above the organic listings where many people will spend thousands on SEO to be number 1. The truth is being number 1 for SEO in the organic rankings quite often means you are actually 8th on the page. Not great!

So, rather than throwing money at SEO, why not spend some time updating your maps listing at no cost, unless you want us to do it on a regular basis as part of our social media maps blog

Let us have a look at some results. The above table shows the key metrics we measure when looking at your Google Maps – Actions taken, website clicks, direction requests and phone calls. The figures you are looking at are taken from one of our clients Insights over the summer. As a test, and to prove a point we started to add before and after photos, new team photos, videos and weekly post updates to the maps listing. Just look at the results we achieved in just 3 months. Percentage wise the difference in all metrics is huge.

But why is the difference so great? Simply put, this client’s competitors are not doing anything with their maps, meaning we were able to dominate the market in just a short space of time.

As I said earlier, we offer maps management as part of our Social Media packages, please visit to find out more.

Veneers And Braces Marketing

When Is A Veneers Lead Not A Veneers Lead?

For any of you that has access to the MPOD Facebook group you would have seen a quick video I recorded talking about the challenges and opportunities with veneers marketing and converting those leads.

It’s such an important issue I decided to do an article on it as well. Let’s start from the beginning. The challenge was veneers enquiries were not converting to new patients. Why? Because during the consultation the only treatment that was discussed was veneers.

Hold on one second, surely you should present information regarding veneers to someone who is asking about veneers? Of course you do, but it doesn’t stop there.

What you need to understand is that someone that is searching for veneers on Google is searching for a solution to their smile. They use a term like veneers because it’s familiar and they have a basic understanding of what a veneer is. They use the search term ‘veneers’ through lack of knowledge and a lack of alternative search terms.

Therefore, don’t just speak to the prospect about veneers as this person could be helped in other ways. Talk to them about veneers, but maybe look at cosmetic bonding, maybe look at braces, maybe it’s a combination of a couple of treatments. Treat these veneers leads as cosmetic dentistry leads or better yet as smile makeover leads. It’s the reason we developed the Smile Makeover System to capture these prospects.

I always look at a veneers marketing campaign the same way as I look at lingual braces campaigns or denture campaigns. It’s a great way to start up a conversation but it doesn’t mean that the patient will end up having that treatment.

You guys are the experts, present all the solutions and present the pros and cons of each one. Educate the lead with your knowledge and always think of the end goal. Does that person want a veneer, or do they just want a better-looking smile? By focussing on their concern and their goal you are more likely to be able to deliver an answer that suits the prospects and converts them into a paying patient.

If you want to know more about the Smile Makeover System that I mentioned please let us know.

Until next time.

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