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Call Conversion Boost

If you answer No to the following questions, keep reading…

  • Are you tracking and following up your leads?
  • You may be attracting a vast number of new leads each week, but are you able to convert them?
  • Are you nurturing your leads?
  • Do you know how many leads you receive each month?
  • Do you have a process to follow up your leads?
  • Is your team proactive when following up your leads?

Introducing the Call Conversion Boost System from MPOD Connect. 

Call Conversion Boost is a training and monitoring system designed to improve the performance of your phone handling team and increase the percentage of conversions. Initial training will be via Zoom calls with the reception team at the practice, during which time proven ideas and strategies will be discussed. This will include tips on how to nurture your leads and how to have an engaging conversation with the prospect to build trust, ask probing questions to assess their needs.

We provide ongoing support to the reception team and to guide them through any challenges that they have with calls. We will measure the number of calls received to your Practice on a weekly basis, this is to ensure that all leads are being dealt with effectively. Finally, each week we will make a mystery shop call to your Practice and we will score that call using a scoring card. 

4 Reasons why the Call Conversion Boost System is suitable for you and your team

  1. To help you convert more leads – The System is designed to help you convert the leads that contact your practice so that your leads don’t fall into a black hole, and also to help you follow up your leads through our MPOD Benchmarking Dashboard. It will help you convert more leads and increase your bottom line.
  2. To improve your lead follow up process – We all have busy work and personal lives and sometimes you just want someone to call you back simply because you haven’t had time to return their call or to discuss moving forward with the treatment that you want. There is nothing
    worse than contacting a business, whether it be a dental practice or another business, for information, to then simply be forgotten about, just because at the initial time of contact you weren’t ready to move forward.
  3. To improve customer service – It will train your team to improve their customer service with your leads, to build rapport and for phobic patients, it will help them to lower fear and build trust quickly on the initial phone call.
  4. To measure your leads and increase conversion – This product works hand in hand with the MPOD Benchmarking Dashboard which is engineered to increase call conversion and micro-manage systems until they become a habit within your team. By entering all of your leads
    into the Dashboard you will be able to quickly see at any point, what stage your lead is at. This will help us to measure whether or not your leads are being followed up and where the holes may be.

What do our Clients say?

“Without having the mystery shop or the call scoring and all the way they package it together at MPOD, the quality of our calls would drop massively, but we wouldn’t know. It is absolutely crucial, we couldn’t live without it”.

Mark Skimming, Pain Free Group Scotland

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