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Meet The MPOD Team

Cally Gedge

Cally Gedge MPODFor your benefit Cally runs MPOD from an office in Spain, the only proven results based done- for- you dental marketing and practice growth company in the UK.

Cally has an exceptional eye for spotting opportunities and delivering results which is all the more relevant today within private dentistry.

Yes, it is true that the team at MPOD want area domination in your marketing.

“Area domination is one of the many keys to our success in marketing and practice growth” says Cally, “and therefore we want like-minded clients who express energy and ambition whilst injecting that most important ingredient FUN.”

Cally believes in a strong work ethic coupled with determination and stamina and ‘consistent persistence’ which she brings to her clients and team members life each and every day. Uniquely.  Cally has hands on experience creating businesses from scratch and growing them exponentially. She is knowledgeable and comfortable about getting things done!

She built and owned the Soul Kitchen Café Bar in Leeds City Centre which she ran and loved for 5 years.  Whilst pregnant with twins Cally birthed Brainstorm Training a provider of NVQ courses for the hospitality sector.

Cally has a passion for Giving Back and believes this should be fundamental to all businesses.  She is a Founder and Executive Director of the 10 year old charity Dental Mavericks which works extensively in Morocco and Lebanon focussing on emergency treatments and research programmes to reduce caries in impoverished communities. 

Cally is a strong believer in “putting back” into the world what is taken out. She loves adventure and travel which makes the perfect fit for Dental Mavericks.

Last year she also Founded and is a Trustee of Mini Mavericks a charity focussing on art, health and community projects in the UK and Morocco the aim is to families gain access to projects and help that is not available to them. 

In her spare time Cally enjoys spending time with her 2 children, walking her 3 dogs, reading and travelling and having fun with friends.

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Tony Gedge

Tony Gedge is an R.O.I – return on investment marketing strategist, practice building and turnaround mentor. He is editor of three R.O.I – return on investment newsletters for adding more purpose and progress and profit to dental practices.

Since 2004 Tony has published three print newsletters for his network including ‘The Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Letter’, The R.O.I Letter, and The Profitable Practice delivering high yield marketing insights and for his ‘Sat on the Shoulders of Giants’ interview series Tony has interviewed over 350 authors, entrepreneurs, and business growth specialists including Paddi Lund, Yar Zuk, Larry Rosenthal, Paul Dunn and hundreds more.

Tony’s primary focus of his business life these days, however, is searching the globe for cutting edge information, technologies, ideas he can steal and distribute to our Membership, and personal clients and his elite MPOD Multi Practice Owners group that assists them to constantly re-invent themselves and their businesses.

He studies history of advertising and marketing and holds the world’s largest ad collections featuring famous copywriters from the early 1900’s.

Tony also researches and collects artefacts from the greatest business minds that dentistry has ever produced including Dr Painless Parker, and showman PT Barnum, members of the highly secretive Lunar Society that started the Industrial Revolution including Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly and Ben Franklin.

His books and business development programs include The Hidden Persuaders, 66 Marketing Secrets for Private Dentists, and eleven other practice growth systems. “How to Stop Her Search with You”, his twelfth initiative.

Tony continues to write about sales and marketing and personal development strategies for private practice on a daily, weekly basis in the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry e-zine and private client newsletters. 

Tony is available for two speaking engagements per year depending on location. This fee is donated to Dental Mavericks.

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Mike Leach

Digital Marketing and Analytics Expert

award winning dental marketingMike has over 10 years’ experience in dental marketing. Accredited by both Google and Facebook and managing a budget of just under £1 million of online pay per click spend each year.

Mike’s relationship with our clients start with the initial planning and construction of their Lead Generation Website. Once created, Mike will then begin goal setting with our clients, developing marketing strategies to increase high profit procedures and ultimately grow the practice.

Each month Mike conducts a series of conference calls with the practice owners to review performance, share ideas and suggest new ways in which to improve.


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Vicki Mayson

Practice Relationship Manager

Vicki has worked with MPOD since 2011 and with over 30 years’ experience in customer services and hospitality, and 20 years’ experience in team management Vicki is the ideal person to hold your hand through our onboarding process. ⁠

Think of her as your concierge, she is here to help you connect with the team at MPOD. She’ll be your first point of contact, on hand to answer any questions that you might have and to ultimately build trust so that you feel comfortable working with us, Vicki will make this process stress free from start to finish. ⁠

Outside of work Vicki enjoys putting together the Dental Mavericks newsletter and annual report, getting together with friends and family days out. 


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Susan Ward


Personal Success Manager ⁠

Having spent 25 years in the Service Management and Customer Services profession, Susan is the perfect person to coach, develop and train your team. She will help you focus on improving client service and help you lead your team. ⁠

Susan has developed, written and delivered training courses to hundreds of lawyers, IT professionals and dental teams. ⁠

Whilst managing large service delivery focused teams, Susan has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help deal with any challenges. ⁠

Susan joined the MPOD team in November 2015 and with her experience she has evolved and grown into the role she currently has within the team. ⁠


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Jay Dickens

Personal Success Manager ⁠

With over 20 year in customer relations and 10 years of team management Jay works on the front line of our Marketing Agency! ⁠

She deals personally 1 to1 with your practice to achieve the best relationship between you and us. Due to this extreme relationship building skill she manages to team build and boost personal confidence for the people and teams she works with.⁠

Currently Jay manages 17 lead generation accounts and 36 Social media accounts dealing with an approximate reach of 365.151 on Facebook alone on a daily basis. The approximate daily engagement on Facebook is 7047⁠

Jay has a keen interest in Digital Marketing and always looks for ways to self-develop and increase her skill set for the benefit of our members. ⁠


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Victor Zaragoza

Graphic Designer

Victor works in a variety of different medias such as book and newsletter publications, motion videos and social media content. A native of Spain who speaks fluent English, Victor trained in Malaga for several years to achieve his design qualifications.

His skills don’t just end with design. He also plays an important role in the production of client monthly performance reports and benchmark dashboards, giving both us and our clients all the measurement tools they need to succeed.

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