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“The Practice Visit With MPOD Has Been Phenomenal”



“In only 18-months since joining MPOD we have gone from a regular private practice to a multiple award-winning practice, including best Private Practice UK and Best Aesthetic Practice UK.

We now have the infrastructure in place to not only handle all the attention this brings, but also to maximise the marketing potential to increase patient numbers and profit.  

The amazing MPOD team have completely revitalised dentistry for us – rocketing our practice development forward and re energising our whole team to work together towards a common goal and pain-free practice message.”

– Tom Sealey / Start Smiling Dental Practice

“Rise Up Has Reignited My Passion And Excitement” Says Neil Gerrard, Clifton Dental

“We’ve been inundated with webforms and emails”

I have been pleasantly surprised with the results that we have had to date. 

We have worked with a number of other companies previously and have been a bit disappointed. 

Have been promised the earth but very little has actually come through. 

Once bitten twice shy, but I was persuaded to come on board and I have been inundated with requests and web forms emails etc…  So the ball is most definitely in our court now to start converting.

Carl Taylor
Taylored Dental

“enquiries, calls, audits and new patients has significantly increased”

Dear Mike,

I’m writing to you in appreciation for the fabulous service and marketing results we have achieved through working with MPOD and yourself in particular. From the very first meeting regarding lead generation to the ongoing, fully maintained system we have today, your knowledge, expertise and insightful advice have been second to none.    

Thomas and I took over the practice in February 2010 and at this stage there was no website whatsoever. As with most dentists who start or take over a business for the first time, we were under significant fiscal challenge and therefore appreciating we needed a website on one hand, we didn’t want to ‘overspend’ on the other hand.

We set about doing what most dentists do which is to look at many other ‘good looking’ websites or sites of ‘successful’ dentists and see what they can replicate. Then we approached a generic local web company who constructed an amalgamated website for a few hundred pounds.

Although some presence is better than none, we soon realised that if we wanted new patients through our website we needed to approach a ‘specialist dental website’ company. So we set about looking at which we thought was the best one out there and duly spent thousands of pounds commissioning them to create a brand new ‘mobile device friendly’ website a couple of years after the initial one.

Once completed we all seemed very pleased with ourselves as the site looks fabulously slick and aesthetic. We even upgraded our phones to cope with the proposed increased volume of calls and enquiries. However months after the site went live, when we thought the phones will ring ‘off the hook’, we found to our disappointment that it yielded very little interest in the form of new patient enquiries, in fact it may have even performed poorer that the initial ‘hotch potch’ site.

Dejected and disappointed we came across MPOD and that was when our ‘luck’ changed because we were informed of the significant difference between a ‘website’ and a ‘lead generation system’. Once our third website went live, the number of hits, enquiries, calls, audits and new patients has significantly increased multifold.

Although some of the enquiries were initially unsuitable, many were not and the ongoing work that you have undertaken has yielded not only more quality interest, but also more suitable and appropriate new patients that are signing up to treatments much more readily.

We love working with you, we look forward to our monthly chats and we can see genuine progress meeting after meeting, adjustment after adjustment.

Thomas and I are also looking forward to more new patient growth and treatment interest through our online presence.

Many thanks indeed for all your help, support and expertise in creating more purpose, progress and profit.

Dr Khalid Master

Clinical Director of the multi award winning Bank View Smile Studios

“We feel that we are going to get loads of support from the MPOD”

So today after doing the rise up day with Tony from MPOD, we’ve really had a fantastic day, the team are really energised at the end of the day and we’ve got loads of action plans, loads of things that we really think are going to be positive for the practice to implement. We’ve got a plan to do it, we’ve got time scales to do it in. We feel that we are going to get loads of support from the MPOD team and we can’t wait to get cracking really.

The main thing we took away from today, there were so many really, but the main thing is getting our customer service feedback, implementation going and I think that will really help us to measure how we’re doing to improve things and to then get the word out how well we’re doing and let our patients know.

Chig Amin
Epsom Dental Centre

Matt Says “The Team Has Been Really Motivated”

Hi there I’m Matt Lamb from Glendair Dental Practice we have just finished our Rise Up Day with Tony Gedge, Marketing Pirates of Dentistry.  The Team’s been really motivated today we have learnt a huge amount today.

As a principle here, often it is difficult to carry on and keep moving and what I am going to take away from today is the consistent persistent.

 Matt Lamb 
Glendair Dental, Alfreton

Bev Says “The Next 90 Days Are Totally Focussed”

Hello I’m Bev Harston and I’ve been on Marketing Pirates of Dentistry’s Rise Up Programme Team Day at Glendair Dental Practice.

The best thing I have got out of today is that the next 90 days and the next year are totally focused. 

We have got lots to do with deadlines, shapes the future of Glendair, we know where we are going and the overriding message from today is to make Glendair’s future bigger than it’s past!

 Bev Harston
Glendair Dental, Alfreton

“Tony has instilled belief and enthusiasm in my team”

Hi my name is Kenny, I’m Principle of Cavendish Dental Practice and I’ve just had the Rise Up Programme with Tony coming to the practice.

The one thing I’ve seen is the amount of belief and enthusiasm that Tony has instilled into my dental team more than what I could instil myself. 

It’s not me who can change the dental practice, I can only do one bit of it. It’s the rest of the team that can change the dental practice, bring it up to the next level and improve the customer service.  Tony has shown us what we need to be as a customer service business that does dentistry and looking at it from that point of view.

Trishan Malhi
Cavendish Dental Practice

“So many exciting, fun ideas to take my practice to the next level”

We have just had Tony Gedge here for the day doing our RiseUp Programme.

It has just been the most amazing day because I have had my whole team around me, and we have all been together, all been learning together, and Tony has given us so many exciting, fun ideas to take my practice to the next level.

I know we are going to enjoy doing it and have a lovely time working with Tony and Cally Gedge. Thank you.

Clare Chavasse
Titchfield Dental Health

“In A Recession We Increased Our Monthly Turnover by £22,000”

“It started really back in August/September.

And by the end of the year, we suddenly hit a 10 percent increase in turnover. A phenomenal (benchmark) considering the economic conditions.

But perhaps more importantly, if someone said to you, what I want to do is buy a building, develop it, (open four surgeries) instead of two – in a recession – you would probably say I was bonkers. 

Well that is exactly what we have done. But to do it I knew I needed a brilliant team around me. In addition, not just top nurses, a fabulous reception and an amazing practice manager.

-But I also needed the BEST advice from outside the practice. 

First off, I am so glad I met up with Tony Gedge. He really helps us achieve almost the impossible. 

What this means is that we had to (improve the turnover) massively and that is exactly what we did.

But don’t just take my word for it. January was a bit low but I think everybody was, with the frost and freeze. Surprisingly enough in February we ACQUIRED 22 new patients. 

Then a slight increase in turnover but added to that by March “up” by £2,000. 

Listen there’s more, lot’s more.

Then we went into March and that was up £12,000. The final facts: by the time we got into April/May, again, new records set with our monthly turnover further boosted by £22,000. Believe me, it has been fantastic.

Thanks Tony, we wouldn’t be able to do this new building without you and the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Team.”

Richard Howarth,
Smile Style Dental, Stafford

“We Did £158k Last Month”

“The increase in Google Pay Per Click must be working.

We did £158k last month and £40k on the 1st day trading this month!

Elaine is at breaking point under her workload.

Should we increase it further?

Thanks for pushing me!!

Best Wishes”

Mark Skimming

Mark Skimming,
Dentistry on the Square

“Tony Is Someone Who Knows What He’s Talking About”

What I found most valuable was the walk through the practice. It’s eye opening to have someone who knows what their talking about, they’ve been to different places, to compare and give a fresh look on something which you are used to.

And you don’t look outside your practice, just walk straight into your room. So that’s probably been the most eye opening thing for me and given me lots to think about and get on with.

 Dr Arjinder S. Chohan (BDS)
Tavistock Dental &Facial Tavistock Dental & Facial 

“Gained 150 New Ways To Serve Our Customer Better”

​”I’d like to say a few words about the really fun day we’ve had. Tony’s given us about 150 ideas of how to serve our customers better, to grow our business and to have a lot more fun! 

I think my big take away for the day has been how the team has responded. It’s been a great day of building motivation and just some of the comments from the team at the end of the day that we should do this more often. And that it’s been a lot of fun and just renewed vision of how we should run the practice. 

Yeah, we would highly recommend the day. If anyone’s not sure I would say “Yeah, go for it and you won’t be disappointed” 

Justin Stewart,
The Denture & Implant Clinic

“Turnover Increased 15% with Substantial Profits”

…Says Sunderland Dentist Michael Oliver

Hi Cally 

Having just had my end of year figures presented to me, I like to sit back and reflect on where our success has come from. 

The bottom line is hard work from a great team and supporting that effort are some outstanding advisors. Respect, as the kids would say, to you, Tony, and your team. In the depths of one of the biggest recessions to hit the UK and in the city of Sunderland which feels the pain, we have had a tremendous year. 

Our turnover has grown more than 15% and profitability of our large dental studio has shown substantial profit growth to the benefit of myself and our excellent team. We have paid across the board rises and are in line to pay thousands of pounds of bonuses to our tremendous staff. 

Take a bow MPOD for giving us the confidence, energy and drive to shape our business in the most trying of times. You’ve worn us out, but that’s what beaches are for. We target 15% next year, with your help we will do it, mark my words. 

Have a great summer, can’t wait to give it back a little in El Jebah. Thank you all. 


Michael Oliver,
Olivers Dental, Sunderland

“Cally’s Help Has Seen Our Profits Soar”

I have worked with Cally for just over 4 years and I can honestly say she has become an extension of our team here at Olivers! 

I am always grateful for Cally’s rapid response to help and value her input and opinion.  As well as helping us to create a wow website I have appreciated Cally’s help in endless marketing campaigns that are too long to mention.

Cally’s help has seen our profits soar and her energy is reflected across our team.  I am proud to call Cally a lifetime friend – she is a “Superhero” making things happen”.

Thanks Cally your help is priceless!

Jo Barella, Practice Manager,
Olivers Dental, Sunderland

I Love The Patient Happiness Index

I’ve took loads away from today, my head is spinning, but the most important message for me was our service.So we’ve got to be the best dental practice for giving customer service.

Things I’m going to implement are the Patient Happiness Index. I’m going to make and keep 3 practice promises. Then put them on the wall and analyse if we’re keeping those promises to our patients. And really scrutinise how we’re treating everybody who comes through that door.

Dr Frances Carling-Thom (BDS)
Tavistock Dental and Facial

Thanks for putting the magic back into dentistry

Even though I probably only put a small amount of your wonderful advice into practice, it has – and is – making a difference.

Thanks for putting the magic back into dentistry for me.

Jaspal Sandhu
High St Dental Practice

reams and reams of fabulous ideas

Were just having an amazing day with Tony, his really helped clarify a futureful and a vision for the team, really got them on board, they’ve all been really excited about the day. I’m pretty keen but I’ve now got a really keen team behind me to help action a load of great ideas.

It’s been reams and reams of fabulous ideas for us to really get our teeth sunk into, everyone’s got a job to do now and we’ve got a 2 week target to do it, so here’s to implementation.

Carl Taylor
Taylored Dental

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