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It is a question we commonly get asked by new potential clients, why you, why should I believe that you are the right marketing company for me? I cannot really comment on the work that other companies do, but what I can say is that we are very focussed on data and results, and I believe that it what makes us different.

You see we measure everything that is relevant. I am not talking about those reports that you see that detail everything from website hits, bounce rates, session duration and unique page views, I’m talking about the data that actually makes a difference to your practice.

We have reviewed the data that we send to our clients now. We used to hit them with a barrage of Google Analytics stats, but do you know what? They never did anything with the information because it was not relevant to them as practice owners. We instead choose to focus and analyse where your leads came from, what percentage of them converted, what did that cost you.

We actively work with our clients to understand what they really want to see rather than baffling them with statistics that make use look good.

Now do not get me wrong. We do not ignore other metrics, we just do not feel the need to pass on every bit of data, that is our job to analyse not yours.

In addition to the reports and benchmarking figures that we produce we also provide a monthly overview video whereby a team member breaks down the information for the practice owner in terms that are meaningful and easy to understand.

We have client data going back several years which enables us to predict Google PPC spend and projected returns, call volumes and completed online forms. As a result, any recommendations that are made to our clients are based on facts rather than just hit and hope.

MPOD Vision

We re-invent practice growth by supporting and guiding principles and teams through unique management, leadership and growth strategies. We add systems and processes to their practice based on sound return on investment, measurement and accountability principles.

We are a catalyst for change in local and global communities. We help practices become bedrocks within their local community for healthy mouths and healthy bodies. We reduce the fear associated with dentistry and get local and global communities back into dentistry to undo the damage of years gone by.

Why We Get Out Of Bed Each Day

We are certain that business and life is based around  PPP- Purpose, Progress and Profit. We put this philosophy into practice each and every day with dentists and their teams, unshackling clinicians from routine, mundane dentistry that keeps them from practising on Purpose that is available to any dentist, and inject motivation allowing Progress with their team and to finally stop worrying about practice Profit and to live their life to the fullest. MPOD Purpose To give back to local and global communities whenever we can.

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