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Join forward thinking private dentists across the country. With the MPOD basic membership package you have access to a number of great resources including… 

  • 16 MPOD Monthly Newsletter Plus Demonstrations Booklet
  • Dental Alchemist Guest Speaker Interview
  • Inner Circle Secrets Webinar
  • Gold Package Containing 2 Newsletters And 2 Audio Files
  • Mpodmembers Private Group – Access To 100’s Of Online Resources Including Videos, Templates, Interviews…

Not only that you have access to the MPOD team and their marketing skills and experience. MPOD Membership is a great way to find out more about what MPOD can do for you and your business.


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Want to know more about what MPOD can do for you and your dental practice? Complete the form and we will contact you for a 20 minute discovery call to find out more about you and your practice, your goals and ideas, and to see where we can help you improve.

  • Social Media
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  • Team Training
  • Practice Visits
  • Free Mystery Shop
  • Discuss Data, Spend and Results

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Who is Cally?

Cally Gedge is director of Impact Social Media, which is part of MPOD Connect Ltd. She is also director of Dental Mavericks charity.Cally is a strong believer in “putting back” into the world what is taken out. She loves adventure and travel which makes the perfect fit for Dental Mavericks.

More importantly a mother of two gorgeous twins, Billy and Tallulah.

Cally believes in a strong work ethic coupled with determination and stamina and ‘consistent persistence’ which she brings to her clients and team members life each and every day. Uniquely. Cally has hands on experience creating businesses from scratch and growing them exponentially. She is knowledgeable and comfortable about getting things done!

She built and owned the Soul Kitchen Café Bar in Leeds City Centre which she ran and loved for 5 years. Whilst pregnant with twins Cally birthed Brainstorm Training a provider of NVQ courses for the hospitality sector.

Cally has an exceptional eye for spotting opportunities and delivering results which is all the more relevant today within private dentistry.

For your benefit Cally runs MPOD from an office in Spain, the only proven results based done- for- you dental marketing and practice growth company in the UK.

In her spare time Cally enjoys walking her 3 dogs, reading and travelling and having fun with friends.

Yes, it is true that the team at MPOD want area domination in YOUR marketing.

“Area domination is one of the many keys to our success in marketing and practice growth” says Cally, “and therefore we want like-minded clients who express energy and ambition whilst injecting that most important ingredient FUN.”

To contact Cally, call 0113 8272249

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