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MPOD Methodology

The MPOD Methodology is a proven process for growing dental practices using direct response marketing.

MPOD work with dental practices like Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow, Smile Style Dental Care in Stafford, Clifton Dental Studio in Bristol plus many more progressive practices that are looking to boost their dental marketing and add Purpose, Progress and Profit to their practice.

The MPOD Methodology is a proven process for growing dental practices using direct response marketing. We help you acquire and retain high value patients for specific product treatments without wasting money on advertising that does not work.

You don’t have to worry about being creative; we provide proven, tested, measurable marketing campaigns each month. All focussed in high yield returns from specific treatments. We’ve acquired hundreds of thousands of new patients for our Members, using our unique MPOD Methodology.

And we do just one thing: measure everything to do with practice growth, then we hold ourselves accountable by insisting they look at these measurables to verify that we’ve significantly grown their new patient numbers and lifetime patient value.

The MPOD Methodology is a proven process for growing dental practices using direct response marketing. Furthermore, if you are generating new patient enquiries but failing to convert them into sustainable assets, you’ll find it useful.

Beyond Textbook Best Practice

MPOD Dental MarketingOften, dentists ask for a how-to video about patient attraction and retention and growth. A kind of best practice manual. Stuff like, website layout, phone, scripts, shiny new toys with zero R.O.I and so forth.

As expected, investing in gizmos and tricks, and automated stuff, can and does damage your brand, conversion, and web site rankings. You just don’t progress at all. The real secret behind best practice and one that most dentists don’t like to hear especially those looking for a quick fix, a silver magic bullet, or a fancy toy that will right their wrongs. But it isn’t about that at all. Best practice is a process starting at bottom up.  

You see, attracting high value patients is often like an umbrella- some days up, some days down. The umbrella has to be up at all times, and it takes a robust system – a staircase requiring many steps, starting on the first step. You do the same getting patients dentally fit before cosmetic, restorative and complex work. Patient attraction is a science too, and psychology.

It doesn’t include refurbishing your practice at great expense, or spending 5% of your gross on a marketing budget, or be on brand, whatever that means. The truth is, it is hard work. The success is in the way your team is brought on board and how they speak with prospects.

It requires business building experience in many different skills to grow a business. But long in the tooth entrepreneurial business building is what it takes, it is what works time and time again. And this is what we do when we wake each and every day for our members. It is the results rule.

MPOD are very happy that some of the UK’s most forward thinking dental practices have adopted the MPOD Methodology. So much so we have spent the last few years working with Members like Clifton Dental Studio, Farsley Dental, Smile Style, Dentistry on the Square, Village Dental, Southport Road Dental, Start Smiling, Advance Dental Care, Taylored Dental Care and hundreds of other outstanding dental practices. Increases of double digit growth is not uncommon.

Honestly, it works. Furthermore, if you are generating new patient enquiries but failing to convert them into sustainable assets, you’ll find it useful.

Waste Less Money

If you can’t measure your marketing and get R.O.I – Return on Investment, It probably doesn’t work. Get R.O.I on your marketing spend by fixing your systems that waste thousands of pounds in lost website traffic, new patient conversion and profit. Invigorate your team to maximise everything you can out of all that you’ve already got.

At MPOD we like to waste small amounts of money. Until a campaign is proven to work only then do you invest more money. You get ongoing online access to a large network of MPOD Members across the UK and in person at our quarterly, and annual meetings. Stop advertising and marketing that doesn’t work. Reduce the cost of marketing and advertising by adopting our local media methods to gain more coverage.

Get highly targeted, qualified and motivated visitors both online and offline every month by implementing our under-the-radar marketing strategies—spend more time doing profitable dentistry instead of waiting for patients to call your business.

Control and dominate specific treatments in your local community and position yourself as the undisputed dental practice by utilising our proprietary branding and positioning strategy that outsmarts your rivals.

We actively work with our clients to understand what they really want to see rather than baffling them with statistics that make use look good. We do not ignore other metrics, we just do not feel the need to pass on every bit of data, that is our job to analyse not yours. 

We have client data going back several years which enables us to predict Google PPC spend and projected returns, call volumes and completed online forms. As a result, any recommendations that are made to our clients are based on facts rather than just hit and hope.

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